Irrfan Khan sits during a press conference to promote
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Irrfan Khan sits during a press conference to promote “Hindi Medium” in Ahmadabad, India, May 17, 2017 (file photo)

Irrfan Khan has left behind a legacy that spans across borders and the globe, from Australia to the US and everywhere in between. Arguably the most famous export of Bollywood in the contemporary era, the Jaipur-born actor had won admirers the world over, evidenced in the tributes pouring in from different corners of the globe.

In the United Kingdom, Guardian carried several pieces documenting Irrfan’s life, most prominently his leap from the Hindi film industry to Hollywood.

“He was armed with a sensitive and seductive gaze: his good looks matured in middle age in such a way that he could play dramatic or villainous roles but also romantic leads of a certain age and of a certain emotional wistfulness,” Guardian’s veteran columnist Peter Bradshaw wrote earlier in the day.

Dwelling upon his personality, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) noted that Irrfan was ‘deeply introspective and philosophical in nature’. “In truth, few actors can claim to have mastered both genres as well as Irrfan Khan,” the BBC obituary said.

Bradshaw even almost labelled him as ‘Mumbai’s Clooney’, though stopping short from definitely awarding him the title as he reasoned that ‘it would be condescending to explain this colossal Indian star in Hollywood terms’.

The deep impression that Irrfan has left behind on America’s movie culture can be gauged from the fact that his passing away found a mention in The New York Times’ daily round-up of major happenings. “Coronavirus, Justin Amash and Irrfan Khan: Your Wednesday Briefing,” read an NYT header.

Down Under, Business Insider Australia called him as one of ‘India’s finest actors’. “He was known for delivering understated, intelligent performances with nuance…” the publication said.

Pakistan’s premier English daily, Dawn, broke the news of the actor’s death with starting lines that read, “The real King Khan of Bollywood, Irrfan Khan has died in Mumbai after battling medical complications arising from a colon infection.”

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