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Race can never be reduced in the lives of women. So why not make some rules to solve these problems so that you can live stressfully and live happily. Start it today.

1. Two moments of pause
It can be called a pose. Before buying anything, before eating something outside, before any decision take the pose and then execute. Some people think for two minutes by standing in the parking lot and then come out. This two-minute stay not only improves their list of tasks, but also helps them to relieve stress.

2. Make Meals Easy
Instead of going to the kitchen and thinking about what to prepare by adopting the posture of thinking or by following every member of the house, decide in the morning what will be made in the three times. Store the items in your kitchen in such a way that whatever you decide, the contents of it should be found quickly and you are free from making food.

3. Finding the point of pain
We all have problems, people or routines that create problems. Holding the tip of his pain, he reached his root. Once you know the end of the pain, prepare to understand what work, human being or cause you suffer. Stay away from him.

4. Be friends with slow progress
Do not force yourself to succeed or to work too quickly. Write down what you are learning everyday. Development is also in leap of miles, so in moving a centimeter.

5. Build Your Own Rules
This will be the biggest help in keeping life solved. Decide yourself what to do, won’t you do at all. For example, a mother decided that when the child falls asleep, she will not take advantage of the opportunity to wash clothes and utensils, but will read a newspaper or a book.


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