Digital Desk, Bangkok. On Tuesday, 9445 cases of corona infection have been reported in Thailand. During this 84 patients died and the total number of infected people has crossed 17.3 lakhs. A total of 17835 people have died in the country so far. This information has been given by the Center for Kovid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA). After several months of lockdown in many parts of the country, there is no significant increase in new cases and deaths. So far, more than 61 million people have been vaccinated in the country, which is 33 percent of the total population. At the same time, at least 50 percent of the people have been given the first dose of corona. The government is emphasizing on vaccinating students in the age group of 12 to 18 years so that there is no problem in the school classes starting from November.

The government of Thailand wants to achieve the target of 120 million vaccines for Kovid-19 by next year. Emphasis is also being laid on giving booster shots to children in the age group of 03 to 11 years who are still vaccinated. According to the CCSA estimates, 70 percent of the population will be given the first dose of the vaccine by November, while this figure will increase to 80 percent by December. Many people will also be given a booster shot between October and November.

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