Drake’s fans are losing it over his 34th birthday bash, and it’s not related to his party’s lack of social distancing. Instead there was a classic menu item that seemed to have been completely desecrated.

Drake always goes big when it comes to celebrating his birthday every year. While he turned 34 during the COVID-19 pandemic, he still had a blow-out party at a private mansion on Oct. 24. As videos and photos surfaced from the event, it wasn’t the tightly packed guests not wearing face masks that caused fans to get upset, but what he did to the mac ‘n cheese option on the menu. He included raisins, which Drizzy’s fans thought was sacrilegious.

Copies of the party’s menu surfaced on social media, and the first course sounded fantastic. It featured fried calamari, a sushi platter and several salads. It was what was in the side of mac ‘n cheese that came with the steak, shrimp and chicken main course options that had fans getting the yucks. Amid the all-American classic comfort food was “sun dried tomato, caper, raisins and parsley.”

Those same ingredients also made their way into a grilled cauliflower side as well, but it was the mac ‘n cheese being violated by raisins that had fans dragging the dish. After photos of the menu made the rounds on social media, user @KodyTweeting wrote, “Drake could have any meal in the world, but raisins IN mac & cheese lands on the birthday menu,” while showing the item.

Fans are completely grossed out that Drake likes raisins in his mac ‘n cheese. Photo credit: AP.

Others were more outraged. @FADEDFAlRY tweeted, “If I went to Drake’s birthday and got Mac n Cheese with raisins in it I’d honestly sue that man,” while @spookymattx noted, “Celebs went to Drake‘s birthday party and got some weird mac and cheese with raisins and possibly COVID-19.” One of Drizzy’s fans was so let down by his food habits, with @J_PatronTime  marveling, “Drake puts raisins in his Mac and Cheese… That is… So sad. Lol.”

Not everyone was hating on the item. Drizzy got love from a hometown YouTube cooking crew, as Toronto-based Glen & Friends Cooking tweeted to him from their account @LeGourmetTV, “So @Drake had macaroni and cheese with raisins for his birthday. Sounds great to me! So @Drake when are you coming by the studio to make it with me on camera? I’m T.O. Based…” Well, at least next time Drake is back home in Toronto, he has a friendly place to go and eat his mac ‘n cheese with raisins.

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