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  • A Husband Gave A Bike To His Wife, This Method To Fulfill His Wife’s Dream And To Break The Stereotypes.

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26 minutes ago

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Such stories are read many times on social media when the wife buys a gift for her husband from her savings. But this time a husband gave her such a gift for the wife, seeing that she started crying with joy. Desi vlogger Rohit gifted Royal Enfield Mater 350 to his wife. This is not just a gift but is also considered a suitable example of breaking stereotypes. Rohit even made a video of giving a gift to his wife and not being happy.

When Rohit brought a new bike and parked it near the car, his wife felt that he had brought it for himself. But after Rohit was told that he had taken the bike only for his wife, she started crying with joy. His wife dreamed that he would buy this bike one day. Rohit fulfilled this dream. When Rohit shared this video on social media, people praised him a lot. One user said- “This beautiful pair of husband and wife should not be seen by anyone.” You two should always be with each other like this ”.

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