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  • A Photo Of A Woman Using A Sandpaper As A Hair Remover Went Viral On Social Media, The Expert Said, “Never Try To Do This”

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2 minutes ago

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These days, the woman whose photos and videos are going viral these days, she is seen using the sandal as a hair remover on her feet. This woman’s name is Jules. He told that he learned this method of hair removal by seeing a girl doing it on another platform account. According to Jules, the girl whose care I used to remove hair to remove hair is an accountant. He used 600 grit sandpaper on his feet. He rotated this paper 10 times in circular motion on the feet and then 10 times in opposite direction.

Earlier, Jules used razor to remove leg hair. But now they only need 600 grit sandpaper. They are happy that this method works perfectly. When this video of Jules went viral, the health expert described it as harmful to the skin. He also said that never try to do this. This can cause scratches or wounds on the skin. This increases the risk of infection manifold or may cause other skin problems.

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