Aamir Khan’s Co-Star Javed Hyder Selling Vegetables amid lockdown: How many hands have become unemployed due to corona infection and lockdown. They also have many actors from TV and film industry. Javed Haider, who worked in ‘Ghulam’ with Aamir Khan, is also struggling with money. These days he is selling vegetables to feed.

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For the last three months, all industries have come to a standstill due to the lockdown. As soon as the unlock process starts, work is slowly starting. But in these months, everything from shooting to business in TV and film industry has been closed. Because of this, many actors and technicians are struggling with economic tightness. Obviously, stomach fire does not listen to any epidemic. Actor Javed Haider, who worked in Aamir Khan’s film Ghulam, also struggles with lack of money like many other actors. A video of him has surfaced, in which he has been seen selling vegetables on a hand to run expenses.

Dolly Bindra shared the video

Javed Haider has also worked in the movie ‘Life Ho To Aisi’. In this era of Corona epidemic, they are forced to sell vegetables to feed themselves. TV actress Dolly Bindra shared Javed’s video on Twitter. She writes, ‘He is an actor, today he is selling vegetables- Javed Haider.’

Work done in TV serial too

‘Bigg Boss’ fame Dolly Bindra has further written that no one is getting work due to the lockdown. Dolly has written in another tweet that Javed has also worked in ‘Babur’ and TV series ‘Jini Aur Juju’ in the year 2009.

‘If you want to live in the world then love working’


This video has been uploaded by Javed Haider himself on Tiktok. He is selling vegetables in it, while singing the song behind – if you want to live in the world, then love working, salute everyone with folded hands. Otherwise this world will not let you live, will not eat or will not drink.

People are saluting the struggle

Javed is also seen lip-syncing to this song. Javed Haider on Ticktock is quite active, he is followed by 97000 users on this creative video platform. As soon as this video appears on Twitter, users are saluting Javed. Users say that Javed has proved that life has the name to face, not to lose life.

Solanki Diwakar was seen selling fruits in Delhi


Significantly, before this, Actor Solanki Diwakar was also seen selling fruits on the streets in Delhi. Solanki Diwakar has worked in films like ‘Hawa’, ‘Titli’, ‘Dream Girl’ and ‘Sonchidaiya’.

Solanki Diwakar has also worked with Sushant Singh Rajput

  • Solanki Diwakar has also worked with Sushant Singh Rajput

    Solanki Diwakar also worked with Sushant Singh Rajput in the film ‘Son Chiraiya’. Apart from this, he has also worked in films like ‘Titli’ and ‘Kadvi Hawa’.

  • Fruits selling in Delhi for 8-10 years

    Solanki Diwakar goes to Okhla Mandi, New Delhi for the last 8-10 years and fetches fruits and sells them and runs the expenses of the house. Acting is not available every day, so the work of selling fruits has to be done. (Photo: ANI video)

  • It was difficult to run the house, hence selling fruits

    From the income earned by selling fruits, they do house rent, children’s fees and other work. In a conversation with ANI, Solanki Diwakar said that he was having difficulty in running the house due to the shooting work being stopped in lockdown. The rent of the house was to be paid, there was also the fees of the children, so they started selling fruits again. (Photo: Facebook @ Solanki Diwakar)

  • Was to do film with Rishi Kapoor as well

    He further revealed that he was also to work in a film with Rishi Kapoor. But the shooting stopped due to lockdown and in the meantime Rishi Kapoor also died. Solanki Diwakar further said that if there had not been a lockdown then today he would have been living by doing small roles in films in Mumbai. (Photo: Facebook @Solanki Diwakar)

  • Sell ​​fruits in the streets of Malviya Nagar

    Solanki Diwakar, originally from Agra, has been living in Delhi for the last nearly 25 years and goes to Okhla Mandi to get fruits every morning. After this, from morning to evening, he roams the streets of Malviya Nagar and sells fruits. (Photo: Facebook @ Solanki Diwakar)

  • Video: Actor Solanki Diwakar forced to sell fruit on Delhi streets
  • 'Don't die of corona, you'll die of hunger'

    But doing this remains a challenge for him in lockdown. Solanki Diwakar has to be in long line daily in Mandi. On one side, fear of coronavirus and on the other hand of police. But Solanki says that if not virus then hunger will surely kill them. Therefore, under compulsion, he comes out to sell the fruit. (Photo: Facebook @Solanki Diwakar)

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