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  • Actress Kangana Ranaut Says She Got A Call From Akshay Kumar And Others Commending Her For Thalaivi, They Can’t Openly Praise Due To Movie Mafia Terror

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13 minutes ago

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The trailer of Kangana Runot’s upcoming film ‘Thalaivi’ was released a few days ago. Whose fans and critics also praised him. Now recently, Kangana shared a post on social media that the trailer of ‘Thalaivi’ was praised by many big stars like Akshay Kumar by making secret calls and messages. Along with this, he has also said that these big stars do not openly praise my films due to fear of ‘movie mafia’.

Big stars like Akshay Kumar compliment the secret call
Kangana Ranot has done this post in response to a post by screenwriter Anirudh Guha. Anirudh praised Kangana by sharing the post. She wrote, “Kangana Ranot is an extraordinary, once-in-a-generation actress.” Kangana wrote in response, “Bollywood is so hostile that even praising me here can make people difficult. I get many secret calls and messages from big stars like Akshay Kumar and he did the trailer of my film Thalaivi Highly praised. But, they can’t praise my films like Alia and Deepika’s movies, movie mafia terror. “

I wish the industry related to art could remain objective
After this, Kangana shared another post, writing, “I wish an industry related to art could remain objective whenever there was talk of art. And not involved in power sports and politics, when cinema’s Talk. My political views and spirituality should not be targeted to bully me. But, if they do, then obviously I will win. “

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