The series of bad news in the cinema world is not taking the name of stopping. People are not overcome by bad news that another one comes. Now Mishti Mukherjee (27), who has worked in Bengali and Hindi films, has died in Bengaluru on Friday evening. According to reports, the funeral of the actress has been done on Saturday.

Bollywood debut in the year 2103
Mishti Mukherjee, who made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Main Krishna Hain’ in 2013, was suffering from a kidney problem and had been on a keto diet for the past few months. Mishti Mukherjee’s family has her parents and her brother.

Work done in many item numbers
After performing the dance number in the film ‘Main Krishna Hain’, Mishti Mukherjee worked in director Rakesh Mehta’s film ‘Life Ki To Lag Gayi’. Mishti Mukherjee was quite popular in bold music and item numbers. Apart from this, she was seen in many big parties and events.

Name came in contravention
In 2014, Mishti Mukherjee got a name in a big contest. After this, several pornographic CDs were found in the search of his house in Mumbai. His father and brother were arrested in this case but were later released on bail.

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