Smartphones have become such a part of our life, in which many of our secrets, good and bad, are hidden. To hide your personal information, we also protect it with a passcode. Although often our friends, family members and family members start using our smartphone.

Sometimes people start operating our phone even by hiding. In such a situation, we are afraid to think that we do not know what they must have seen in the phone. But with a secret trick, you can find out.

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We are giving you a code. Dial that code in your phone, and you will know which apps are used on the smartphone and for how long. The special thing is that you can use this trick in any Android phone. So let’s know about it-

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Poll will open with this code

– You need to dial ##4636## in your phone
– On dialing, a setting page of the phone will open
– Three options here – phone information, usage statics, and Wifi information
– You have to tap on the second number option, ie Usage Statics
– That’s it, after this a list will open in front of you
– In this list the name of the apps used in the last few hours, usage time and duration will be shown

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