Apr 06, 2020, 01:18 PM IST

Not only the whole country is facing the crisis of epidemic like world corona. Meanwhile, everyone is saluting the courage, vigor and spirit of the doctors called our God. Rajeshwari, the daughter of Garal of Barmer, is setting a unique example by serving the public in this corona epidemic with her own and innocent life. ANM Rajeshwari is currently functioning at the sub center at Kot Solankian in the Desuri hill area of ​​Pali. It is serving the same after posting in 2009.

Was employed in 2009

Now nine months pregnant, the passion and spirit of human service is not less in this pain period. Despite unbearable pain and suffering, the Rajeshwari Corona epidemic has conducted a door-to-door survey in its village and home isolation to 177 people from UP, Poona, Bombay and Maharashtra. Rajeshwari Chaudhary daughter Jodharam, daughter of Garal of Barmer district, had an ANM job in Kot Solankian in 2009. After this, serving at the same place.

The officials said, take a leave, yourself said you have the ability to bear the pain

In the situation where women hesitate to get out of their homes during pregnancy, access to door-to-door in Rajeshwari village is to know the symptoms of corona disease and awareness of the common man. Medical officials also advised Rajeshwari to take a break, but Rajeshwari said that so far it has the capacity to bear the pain. I cannot leave my village in this difficult time. The people of the village live with me in every difficulty, now I have to serve them too. The sub-center where Rajeshwari is serving, also receives 10-12 delivery cases every month. Such people will also have trouble going to another hospital in lockdown. Rajeshwari has also been honored at the district level several times due to her devotion to work.

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