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4 minutes ago

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Anupam Kher has reprimanded a female journalist who claimed on social media that the actor’s colors were changing due to wife Kiran Kher’s illness. Taking to the journalist’s name, she wrote in a social media post, “Such people can fall to any extent. This woman is not only insensitive to Kiran Kher’s disease, but also used this situation to declare her imagination like a vulture Doing it for her. She too without giving any proof of her claim. Shame on you. “

What did the journalist claim?
The journalist wrote in his post, “So that’s why Anupam Kher is clearly changing colors. It’s because of his wife Kirron Kher’s illness. It seems that he (Kiran Kher) needs to vacate his Plum seat in Chandigarh and someone else. And has been asked to make room for. It is unfortunate. BJP. “

Kiran Kher is recovering fast
Kiran Kher, who is suffering from a type of blood cancer multiple myeloma, is recovering rapidly. He underwent a bone surgery at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in Mumbai on Thursday, which lasted for about 3 hours. In this surgery, an attempt was made to remove the cancerous bone from Kiran’s bone merrow. During this time, Kiran’s husband Anupam Kher was also present in the hospital.

Kiran Kher has been battling cancer for 5 months
Kiran, 68, has been suffering from multiple myeloma for about 5 months, which is a type of blood cancer. The news of his cancer came to the media on 1 April. But the detective happened to them in November last year. It is said that on November 11, 2019, Kiran’s left hand was broken after falling in a house in Chandigarh. After investigation, it was revealed that he had multiple myeloma. Since then, he is being treated continuously at Kokilaben Hospital.

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