Anushka Sharma shares adorable selfie with husband Virat Kohli, says 'felt cute might delete later'
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Anushka Sharma shares adorable selfie with husband Virat Kohli, says ‘felt cute might delete later’

Coronavirus lockdown may have compelled our favourite celebs to be housebound but they are surely making the most of this time. And speaking of this, Actor Anushka Sharma and Indian cricket team’s captain Virat Kohli are surely having the best of times while self quarantining. From spending time cooking at home to chilling with their pets, Anushka and Virat are setting goals when it comes to social distancing from the world and staying in with each other. Today, the Pari actress shared an adorable picture with her husband Virat Kohli, which is just too cute to be missed.

The couple was seen using the Instagram filter ‘Heaven’ for the selfie and had angles peeking from the clouds on their cheeks. It was indeed an adorable selfie with Anushka keeping her head on Virat’s shoulders as the ace cricketer smiles for the camera. Anushka captioned the selfie as, “Felt cute. Might delete later.”

India Tv - Anushka Sharma Instagram story

Anushka Sharma Instagram story

Earlier, the couple had also shared an adorable picture of themselves smothering their dog with kisses and love as they lie on the floor with their furry munchkin. Interestingly, Virat and Anushka have also been raising awareness about coronavirus on social media as they have been urging fans to stay safe during the crisis situation.

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Every dark cloud had a silver lining. And this time, while it may seem like the worst time and in so many ways it actually is, has also forcefully made us all stop and deal with things we might have been running away from because either we were ‘busy’ or it was convenient to say we were ‘busy’. If this time is respected for what it is, it will enable more light to shine through. This time has also made us all realise what’s truly important. For me just having food, water and a roof over my head and the good health of my family seems MOST important. Everything else is a bonus that I bow my head in gratitude for. But, that which we call ‘basic’ is not so basic for everyone after looking at all the people who struggle for just those few things. My prayers with them and their families. May everyone be safe and secure. This time has surely made me more reflective. This need to stay at home with your loved ones has been forced upon the entire world but there is a deep lesson for us all. There is a lesson to strive for work and life balance ( I’ve valued and strived for this dearly for many years now ), there is a lesson to devote more time in things that actually matter. Today, when I’m surrounded by all the blessings in my life, I just want to tell everyone how much compassion I feel for everyone who I see suffer. I want to help as many possible in the best of my abilities. I feel pride in our resilience to be better human beings. I can instinctively feel this in and around me. We will all have our individual and subjective lessons from this time and hopefully, such lessons will continuously stay with us all.

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Besides, this power couple had also pledged to contribute to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s PM CARES Fund to strengthen India’s fight against coronavirus.

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