Aubrey O’Day was completely confident and radiated beauty while also being ‘thirst trappy’ in a new video she posted of herself wearing a blue one-piece in her glam room! Check out the video here!

No one could rain on Aubrey O’Day‘s parade even if they tried. The stunning singer, 36, shared a new video to her Twitter account where she posed up in an electric blue one-piece in front of the mirror. While taking her mirror-selfie in her glam room, Drake‘s “From Time” featuring Jhene Aiko playing in the background, Aubrey radiated total confidence and looked so comfortable in her own skin.

Aubrey also layered a filter with a number of flowers, toying with the idea of adding some dried foliage to her glam room. “While waiting for the Melania tapes to drop, almost done with frames back up on my glam room, I’m thinking of filling them with dried flowers, all while being thirst trappy lol, what do you think,” she posed to her over 560 thousand Twitter followers. The latest Sept. 2 snap comes just after Aubrey clapped back at Internet trolls, who said Aubrey looked unrecognizable after unflattering photos of her circulated on the internet.

In her initial clapback, the former Danity Kane member took to Twitter with a staunch message for body-shamers. “It’s so sick what ppl will do for click bait,” she began her Sept. 1 Tweet. “And that my lawyer needed this photo to defend me against it.. when is this industry going to stop abusing women’s bodies! Sorry my place is a mess, currently remodeling my glam room- I’m sure it’ll be written that I’m a hoarder next!”

Along with the snap of Aubrey in a black one-piece, she also shared a photo noting the time she took the snap. “It is Aug. 31, 2020 9 pm, I’m Aubrey O’Day, this is degrading,” she scrawled on a piece of paper. After receiving so much support from her loyal fans, Aubrey responded to one comment that really struck a chord. “[It] makes me sick,” she admitted.

“I was jamming to Brandy and Monica Verzuz. Started my glam room and BOOM my whole night is ruined! Then my [attorney] has me taking photos with date and time to prove them false. Like, I’m tired of this stupid, shallow, abusive industry.” Based on her recent clapbacks, fans know that Aubrey is completely prepared to shut down haters with each new pic.

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