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  • Bhavya Doshi Corona’s Positive Thinking Advice Given To People From His Venture ‘The Doodle Desk’, 81% Of Its 2 Lakh Followers Are Women

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  • Bhavya wants to support people in difficult times through her work
  • MBA passout Bhavya considers this art as a way to express her happiness

Due to the pandemic spreading across the world, people have reduced to meet each other. Depression has increased rapidly among people of all ages due to corona. In such a situation, Bhavya Doshi is making people feel during lockdown through his venture ‘The Doodle Desk’.

Bhavna says, “There are many people who have told through their messages how they are sharing their feeling.” My positive doodles and messages convey a message to people to be positive during the Corona period.

His Instagram page has over two lakh followers. 81% of these are women. Colorful doodles and strong messages are made on their page. MBA passout Bhavya Doshi considers this art as a way of expressing happiness.

According to Bhavya, “I started this page when my parents didn’t live in this world in 2015. It was a very difficult time for me. At that time, I quit my job and read many books that could provide motivation ”.

Bhavya’s father was a doctor who helped people in every way. She says, “I have once again tried to help people with my efforts. I have started writing messages with my doodles only to give the right direction to people’s thinking ”.

For the past few years, Bhavya was making doodles on paper. Then took her photo and posted it online. But now she has become an expert in making doodles on laptops.

This art of Bhavya hailing from Gurugram is inspired by ‘Kawai Doodles’ by Japanese and Korean artists. Bhavya wants to support people in difficult times through her work. Bhavya says, “When you give love and respect to people, you also get love and respect in return”.

Right now she is doodling on T-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, sippers and all the things that work for us from morning to evening. She wants to make people happy through these small things.

He has uploaded some videos on his Instagram page to teach people doodling. Bhavya has created a ‘Happy Club’ on its website which has 3000 members.


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