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  • “#Black And White Challenge” Becomes A Symbol Of Women’s Power, Women Posting Their Photos To Support Women

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  • The campaign that women are preferring to be part of these days to show their solidarity is the “#Bland & White Challenge”.
  • A caption is written with her image #ChallengeExpected on Instagram. Women who become a part of this challenge write “Woman Supporting Woman”.

Women advocating for women empowerment are pushing the “#Bland & White Challenge” to support other women like themselves. This challenge has emerged on Instagram and other social media these days.

Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities are also accepting this and posting their black and white photos on social media. A caption # Challenge is written with these images. Women who become a part of this challenge write “Woman Supporting Woman”.

Currently, 53,000 photos of women on Instagram can be viewed under this challenge. Women who become part of this campaign nominate other women to post similar photos.

In our country, many Bollywood actresses and celebrities like Priyanka Gandhi have also participated in this challenge. Priyanka has posted a photo with her daughter and mother. With this photo, he wrote, “One woman should support another woman, nothing can be more bravery than this.” There can be no power nor happiness beyond this ”.

Tina Ambani, while sharing her “black and white” photo, wrote in Insta Village Post – “Nowadays there is negativity all around, in such a situation you have to keep yourself positive. Women’s Support Women. Instead of degrading and pushing each other, let’s support each other and connect them ”.

How it started
The posting of the “Black and White” photo was started in 2016 for cancer awareness. But the reason for this trend growing once again was abusive speech by Republican MP Ted Yoho in the US Senate to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a Democrat female MP.

This was taken as an insult by women around the world and the black and white campaign for women’s empowerment was launched on social media. Anyway, many photographers believe that real and challenging photography is “black and white”, which shows the real shades of life.


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