Apr 29, 2020, 08:12 AM IST

Mumbai. On one hand Kovid-19 positive patients are facing mental stress and stigma instead of social support, on the other hand people are coming forward to get such people out of mental stress. In this episode, on Tuesday, veteran actor Raghubir Yadav shared a video named #SochBadlo in which he is talking about changing the attitude of society towards corona positive patients.

Veteran actor Raghuveer Yadav is once again in the discussion regarding his performance in the recently released web series ‘Panchayat’. In this video of a total of 70 seconds, he is saying, ‘The question is, where are the faces of these people, why are they hidden, what are they afraid of, the truth is that being a Kovid positive nowadays is nothing short of a crime. is. People think that if you are Kovid positive then you are a criminal, this is wrong. This thinking is absolutely wrong, and it should be stopped under no circumstances, do not shake hands, mix right thinking to defeat Corona ‘.

Raghuveer Yadav seen in the video.

In a message in this video, people are saying that Kovid-19 can be anyone positive. A doctor, an air hostess, a child or senior citizen and a patient. One can be Hindu, Muslim or people of any other religion. In such a situation, it is important to leave caste and fight this epidemic. Geeta Singh, Avinash Kumar Singh have played an important role in making this video.

The video has been jointly released by Mumbai-based Vataveran Foundation, Bangalore-based Jhata Organization and Bihar-based Center for Environment and Energy Development (CEED). These three organizations are running this campaign together in the country. The actor appealed to the public to remove all the myths and stigmas associated with being Kovid-19 positive.

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