May 18, 2020, 08:37 PM IST

Mumbai. Actress Neelima Azim has spoken openly in an interview years after Pankaj Kapoor’s divorce. She has also said many things about the changes in her life after divorce, as well as the raising of son Shahid Kapoor like a single mother.

Divorce not done on Neelima’s wish: Neelima said, ‘I want to say that I had not taken any decision regarding separation. He (Pankaj Kapoor) wanted to move forward and it was difficult for me to digest the divorce but he had his reasons. When divorce happens, it is painful for both of them. We had a very long friendship and attachment but our heart also broke. But that’s fine. He is having a good life with his family and I wish him all the best. ‘

Married in 1975: Neelima and Pankaj did it in 1975 but both of them divorced in 1984 after 9 years. Shahid was 3 years old at the time. Neelima raised a son as a single mother.

Neelima said, I returned after divorce with the help of my friends, family. However, after growing up, Shahid emerged as my biggest strength. They supported me wholeheartedly. It took time for me to get over the pain of breaking up the marriage but after a few years I came out of it.

Pankaj got married second: After the divorce, Pankaj Kapoor married actress Supriya Pathak in 1989 and she became Shahid’s second mother. Pankaj-Supriya has two children. The son’s name is Ruhan Kapoor and daughter is Sana Kapoor. Sana has appeared in the film ‘Fantastic’.

Neelima’s second marriage also broken:In 1990, Neelima married actor Rajesh Khattar but this did not work. The two divorced in 2001. The pair had a son named Ishaan Khattar in 1995.

Ishaan made his Bollywood debut with Majid Majidi’s film Beyond the Clouds. Ishaan lives with his mother.

The third marriage also did not last:After divorce from Rajesh Khattar, Neelima had married Ustad Raza Ali Khan for the third time but it also did not last and the two separated.

At the same time, Rajesh married actress Vandana Sajanani in 2007 after divorce.

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