Apr 30, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Mumbai. Actor Irrfan Khan has worked with actors Shahbaz Khan and Mukesh Khanna in two serials The Great Maratha and Chandrakanta during his television career. On the sudden demise of the actor, his co-actors have recounted the old days while narrating an account of their work and passion.

Everyone on the set praised his ingenuity and hard work

‘I and Irrfan Khan first worked in’ The Great Maratha ‘which was produced by Sanjay Khan. In that show, he was playing the role of Najib Khan Rohila. During the shoot, everyone on the set praised his ingenuity and hard work. I remember where our directors used to say that Irfan is a repository of art inside you, about which he himself does not know. People are encouraged by him as an actor, but more than that, his real life is very much encouraged. When there was nothing, he would have lived a simple and simple life but even after everything he did not give up his simplicity. I have seen both aspects of his life ‘.

Even after the pickup, the assistant director followed them and caught them:

His passion for his work on the set of ‘The Great Maratha’ was not hidden from anyone. I remember in those days when shooting was packed up, we all used to go to our room to rest, but Irfan Khan would hold the assistant director behind him even after the packup. He did not move from the set until he got the script for the next day. Used to take the script for the next day, practiced a lot and then came in front of the camera on the second day. The way he used to love his acting, he was surprised to see everyone present on the set. I remember when we shot a scene we were both in that frame. Seeing my acting, Irrfan started praising me a lot and after some time when the scene was shot again, Irfan gave tremendous performance even more than that. Everyone started praising him and believe me, I do not see anywhere in that scene. Irfan Khan was like this.

The show was shot in Jaipur where Irfan used to live. His mother used to be present during the shooting. Many a time, along with Irfan, we used to bring food to everyone’s house and we all used to spend time with him on the set.

Actor Shahbaz Khan.

That is why he agreed to ‘Chandrakanta’ ….

Initially he did not want to do ‘Chandrakanta’ serial because his focus was only film. At that time, I was playing the lead role of the show. During a conversation, I shared the experience of this show and talked about doing this show in many ways. He did not have any project at that time and that is why he agreed to ‘Chandrakanta’. His character had become quite popular ‘.

Mukesh Khanna shared the experience

‘One day while I was watching the shooting while sitting with Sanjay Khan, I told Sanjay that the boy is very good, an amazing actor. On which Sanjay Khan said that this amazing dialogue speaks. His acting used to be so natural that his eyes spoke ‘.

Mukesh Khanna

This loss can never be recovered

‘Whatever I praise his acting, it is less that the way in which you can get a knife out of butter is not known, in the same way that he used to act in this way, you used to act in such a way that as if there is no difference in the way. All things are happening on their own, they used to operate easily, they used to say the dialogues, they are a sign of the best actors and they are praised and I will just say that the industry There is a big loss, we have left at a very young age and talk about Chandrakanta, I remember he used to shoot all night.

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