• The first short film shot in lockdown in the presence of 20 crew members, R.K. Balki is the director
  • Shooting took place on 25 May at Kamalistan Studio which was completed in two and a half to three hours


Jun 02, 2020, 04:56 PM IST


The country has slowly started to unlock after the lockdown. The government has also started sensing people to return to work with caution. Akshay Kumar is the brand ambassador of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and has been selected by the government for this. Akshay has worked in a short film directed by R. Balki, which gives the message of returning to work with caution. PIB has also tweeted it on its official Twitter handle.

What is in a short film?

In this short film, the village is set up. In the film, Akshay is playing the role of a young man named Bablu, who is seen wearing a mask, when the village headman tells him – the lockdown started moving around. Where is the epidemic spreading? That’s why Akshay says that he is not going for a walk but going to work. On this, the chief says – do not fear the virus will catch.

Akshay says- It used to happen at first, but then it was understood that if I took full care, then this disease is less likely to happen. Then what precautions have to be taken in talking, while telling Akshay, he says: The most important mask is, then wash your hands from time to time. Also, most importantly, maintain at least two yards from the others.

First short film shot in lockdown: The director of this short film is R. Balki. The shooting permission was for 22 and 23 May, but the shooting finale took place on 25 May at Kamalistan Studio. This film has been produced by Anil Naidu. Recently, in a special conversation with eBioPic, he shared information about its making.

He had said, ‘The Ministry first approached Akshay Kumar and R Balki for this. Then a script was prepared for this short film which was one and a half pages long.

After that we told the ministry that if we need permission for the shooting, then he himself sought permission from the Mumbai Police Commissioner who got it too. As a precautionary measure, we had sought permission for shooting on May 22 and 23. The shooting finally took place on 25 May. We completed this shooting in just two and a half to 3 hours.

Usually, before the lockdown, there were 60 to 70 crew members on the set, whereas we shot it with just 20 crew members. Akshay Kumar himself came on set to drive. The set had only makeup artists and no crew members.

Similarly, cinematographers also came with just one camera assistant. I myself picked Balki sir to come on the set. Balki Sir also had very few assistant directors. There was no costume change throughout the shoot. A day before we sent the costume to Akshay Kumar. He was on the set in the same costume.

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