Gagan Gurjar

Gagan Gurjar

Apr 19, 2020, 06:00 AM IST

Mumbai. In Bollywood, Akshay Kumar, popularly known as Khiladi Kumar, has emerged as a real player in the fight against Coronavirus. He is not only the first Bollywood star to contribute to the PM Cares Fund, but is also the highest paid Indian actor (Rs 25 crore). The special thing is that he did not delay in giving such a huge amount even in such a situation when his biggest box office collection got stuck due to the lockdown as an actor. After giving Rs 25 crore in PM Cares fund to Akshya, BMC Has contributed 3 crores rupees. At the same time, sources said, they have also asked for their accounts to help the unemployed photographers due to the lockdown. So that they can send money directly to their accounts.

3-4 movies of Akshay come every year
Every year, Akshay Kumar releases three or four films and contributes a lot to the box office collection. This year also she had three films to be released, one of which (Suryavanshi) has been pushed ahead due to lockdown, the other (Lakshmi Bomb) is also finding it difficult to come to theaters on time, as it will be on Eid in May Had to come. But the lockdown is likely to open by May. At the same time, according to trade expert Atul Mohan, the production of this film has two to three days of work left. The shooting of Akshay’s third film (Prithviraj) is yet to be completed.

First Time First Quarter Empty in 6 Years

For the last 6 years, Akshay Kumar’s film has been released every year between the first quarter i.e. January to March. This year too ‘Suryavanshi’ was to be released in March. But due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, there was a lockdown in the country and the release date of the film had to be extended. Atul Mohan estimates that ‘Suryavanshi’ and ‘Lakshmi Bomb’ can be planned for Diwali and Christmas. Because Aamir Khan’s ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ proposed for Christmas will also be affected due to coronavirus and lockdown and that too could be delayed.

Prithviraj’s release was in trouble
Atul says that it is difficult to find Akshay Kumar’s Prithviraj coming on Diwali. Because the shooting of this film was still stuck and it is not likely to be completed till Diwali. It is a big making film. Costume, VFX etc. seem to be all in such films. Involvement and time takes more time. Movies like ‘Good News’ are short making. They are shot inside the same building or premises. Therefore, it becomes instantaneous. But Prithviraj will take time to complete.

… then Akshay gives 700-800 crores at the box office
If the round of coronavirus and lockdown had not come, Akshay Kumar would have collected a collection of 700-800 crores at the box office. According to Atul Mohan’s estimate, ‘Suryavanshi’ would have done a business of Rs 250-300 crore due to Rohit Shetty’s direction and casting of Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh, Ajay Devgan. At the same time, the proposed ‘Laxmi Bomb’ Solo release for Eid was up to 200 crores and even if it was a clash with Salman Khan’s ‘Radhey’, both films would have done business of 150-150 crores. Prithviraj is a big banner film like Yash Raj. Therefore, a collection of Rs 200-250 crore could also be expected from this. It would have been just like 2019. Then Akshay alone gave 750 crores at the box office.

2021 schedule will deteriorate
Bollywood’s schedule up to 2021 will deteriorate due to the lockdown. If we talk about Akshay, then while Prithviraj’s shoot will go ahead, the shooting of ‘Bel Batam’, which starts after this, will also be postponed, which is said to be a remake of the Kannada film of the same name. However, Akshay has made it clear that it is not a remake of any film. It is an original film based on the real story.

Top celebrities who donated to the Akshaya Relief Fund

Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna topped the index ‘Heartfulness Index’, donating to the Corona Relief Fund. He has donated the maximum amount of 25 crores. In second place is Bhushan Kumar, owner of music company T-Series. He paid 11 crores. Donated Actor Karthik Aryan is in third place. He donated one crore rupees. However, Karthik’s popularity remained high, as he was active on social media from the beginning to make people aware of the epidemic. The Indian Institute of Hume Brands has released the ‘Heartfulness Index’. This report prepared by a panel gave numbers according to the donation.

These celebrities in top 5

Name Donation Score
Akshay Kumar 25 crores 10
Bhushan Kumar 11 crores 9
Karthik aryan 1 crore 8
Sabyasachi 1 crore 8
Vicky Kaushal 1 crore 8

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