Jun 02, 2020, 12:09 PM IST

Mumbai. Amitabh Bachchan shared a short film on his Instagram account on Monday. Which is made to ignore the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, By Sexual and Transgender) community during the lockdown. There are voices of many people in the transgender community who are requesting that we now count us among humans.

Sharing this, Amitabh wrote, ‘Dear friend and lead director Amit Sharma has made a short film on LGBT … All my best wishes are with’ Phoolavarsha ‘.

Transgenders told their problems

There are many transgenders in the short film, who during the lockdown caused by the epidemic, have been telling about their suffering and complete neglect by the society. The film’s final states that there are millions of transgenders in India, but during the epidemic they could not even get proper food items.

These lines have been spoken in the short film …

‘You have only one request from all of us, now count us among humans.
It has been weeks since we did not see any humans, we did not write the message of that hero for anyone, no hero was shown.
Neither did anyone come forward to show humanity, sometimes laborers brother, sometimes eyes for doctors came.
Our name also did not come to my mouth, we are unfortunate.
We also feel hungry, we are human, we have also died, now we recognize us.
So you are the only one to request, now at least count us among humans. ‘

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