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Apr 13, 2020, 07:19 PM IST

Mumbai. Amidst the frequent cases of coronavirus, Arjun Kapoor has appealed people not to leave their pets destitute. He shared a video on his social media account on Monday, in which he introduced his pet Doggie Max of the bulldog species and described him as a family member. He said that in this difficult time do not leave your pets alone, because they never leave us. With this, he wrote, ‘a humble appeal to the parents of all pets’.

In the video, Arjun says, ‘Max came, Max saw and Max won. Is four years old but the father of our house is the father. The Godfather. Max does not listen to anyone and who comes to mind. Really does nothing. I and Anshula spend for him, he rules over us, and orders us to fulfill his every wish. Is of no use, but is a member of our family.

Arjun said – My heart breaks

He further said, ‘At this time when the corona virus is spreading rapidly in our country, I am getting to read and hear that people are abandoning their pets for fear of that. It breaks my heart. Do not leave your pets, as they never leave you. We are the voice of the voiceless and will continue to love them in this way and will not let them go to waste like this. ‘ After this Arjun asks his dog Max, ‘Do you agree with me, Max do you want to say something?’ Next they say, ‘You must have understood the meaning of what I said.’

Previously shared videos

Earlier too, while sharing a video of Max, Arjun appealed to people to behave like Max during the lockdown. He wrote that ‘Max does not listen to anyone but himself and does not move from his place unless very necessary. He loves to stay indoors. At this time the government of the country is also expecting similar behavior from you.

Arjun had made such an appeal earlier also

Arjun Kapoor also shared a photo on March 21, appealing people not to leave pets. She then wrote in her post, ‘The animals are protected from coronaviruses even after several days have passed. Therefore be kind, be humble and human and do not leave them alone and helpless at such a time. ‘ In this photo, Arjun was sitting on a bicycle and a street dog was seen with him.

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