Apr 30, 2020, 01:31 PM IST

Mumbai. Rishi Kapoor has worked in the 2012 film Agneepath under the direction of director Karan Malhotra. Both have been very close to each other apart from work. Today, after Rishi Kapoor’s passing, director Karan Malhotra has expressed his pain while narrating an anecdote of the film’s set in an interview given to eBioPic’s Kiran Jain.

Once again i’m alone

Chintu Uncle was a very good friend of my father’s. My relationship with him was more than ‘Agneepath’. After my father’s death, I saw my father in him only. How do I describe the way he handled me? Today, when they have left us and gone, how can I say this sadness in words? Once again I am alone ‘.

They did not need directions

During the shooting of Agneepath, everyone was obsessed with his energy. On the set he was a man who was crazy about his work. There was a different passion in them. In the way Rauf Lala’s character was written, he gave a different life to the character. As much as I have understood them, they are the ones that did not require any direction. Just put the script in his hand and roll the camera, he used to get into his character.

He used to shout every day, scold us every day

‘During the shoot, he was also very shouting on set. But his anger was also in love. Believe me he used to shout (laughs) every day, scold us every day. Whether he was a director or an actor, he challenged all the people on the set for his work. It was also a little difficult to challenge the kind of energy that was in them, which would make them angry (laughs), although we all understood that if they scream means they love you. His experience was reflected in his anger, which led us to learn a lot. His experience helped me become a good filmmaker. Being a director, ‘Agneepath’ gave Chintu Uncle many times more than what I thought of Rauf Lala. ‘

Anuj said of the film- Liar Kahin- He was determined to commit

Speaking to eBioPic’s Umesh Kumar Upadhyay, Anuj Sharma, the producer of the film – ‘Jhoota Kahin Ke’ also praised Rishi’s work. One of Rishi Kapoor’s last films was Jhoota Kahin Ka. Producer Anuj told, “He used to come on set in the morning even at this age and go home at night. He was an actor when he was present on the set. There was absolutely no importance in them. He had health issues during its shoot. Even then, the set was very full of energy. He was very firm about commitment. He said that the dubbing and the percussion of your film will be completed. He had dubbing till the night he had to go to America for treatment. The dubbing took place at Prakash Jha Studio. But despite this, when the work of 2-3 dubbing and patchwork was left, he sent a message to us from America that if you come here then you are doing the remaining dubbing. Dubbed with them ‘.

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