Apr 01, 2020, 07:13 PM IST

Bollywood desk. The country has declared a lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic. Such Western India Cine Employees Federation (FWICE) is leaving no stone unturned to help its more than 5 lakh employees. Many filmmakers, production houses, film stars and other professionals are also helping the Federation in this. The name of Ajay Devgan has also been added to these helpers. The superstar has pledged to donate 51 lakh rupees to the fermentation just before his 51st birthday.

FWICE general secretary confirmed
FWICE general secretary Ashok Dubey confirmed the news saying, “Ajay Devgan has pledged to donate 51 lakh rupees to the federation. I am happy that people like Ajay and Rohit are helping the daily wage laborers, who are facing difficult times. I need it most. ” It is worth mentioning that on Tuesday, Rohit Shetty gave assistance of Rs 51 lakh to the Federation.

Dubey further added in the conversation, “We have also been approached by others willing to provide financial assistance. We are providing them with account information. I hope more and more people will come forward to help the daily wage earners.” . “

He also gave donation
According to the Federation’s General Secretary Ashok Dubey, apart from Rohit Shetty, the producer of shows like ‘Superstar Singers’ has provided a ration of 25 lakh rupees by the Frames Production Company, while the producers of serials like ‘Karma Sangini’ and ‘Abhilasha’ Shashi-Sumit Production has given financial assistance of Rs 50,000.

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