Apr 30, 2020, 08:00 AM IST

Mumbai. Deepak Dobriyal, a special friend of Irrfan Khan and with him in films like ‘Hindi Medium’ and ‘English Medium’, had a special conversation with eBioPic about some of his memories related to Irrfan. He told me that my last meeting with Irrfan was 5 months ago. The tuning of both of us was quite good and we were like brothers. I wish I could attend his last visit.

Deepak said, ‘My last meeting with Irrfan Khan was in London during the shooting of’ English Medium ‘5 months ago. The second porch of the film was shot there. He was also getting his treatment there, but he never got any member to realize his illness. He did not want anyone else to be sad because of his grief, while everyone knew this, but he never told anyone about his suffering. They did not want anyone to feel sympathy by seeing them. He kept a very normal and genuine sentiment with everyone throughout the set.

Deepak said – he used to support me a lot

He further told, ‘I worked with Irrfan Khan in two-three films including’ Hindi Medium ‘,’ English Medium ‘. Our tuning was good even after shooting. We were like brothers. He used to support me a lot. I used to talk to the director about doing what he is doing, do not stop. In the shoot with him, it seems that even after being in the scene, he is patting himself. I still do not feel that he is not in our midst. ‘

Went to temple to pray for irfan

According to Deepak, ‘When he first told about his illness on the tweet in March 2018, I also came to know for the first time. At that time I was shooting for ‘Lal Kaptan’. Then many crew members of that film went to the temple to pray. This film was being shot in Ramatra. I also went with him.

I wish i could join his last trip

Deepak further said, ‘Our tuning was so good that they supported me everywhere. He also offered me ‘blackmail’ and ‘almost single’ films. But for some reason I was not able to do these films, but they wanted me to keep doing films. He had such a supportive nature. Irfan Bhai’s biggest feature was that if someone killed in the scene, made him real, then he used to support him a lot. It is memorable to sit with them. I can write Diwan in his memory but I am not in such a condition that I can talk more. I wish I could attend his last journey but we are all stuck in lock down. ‘

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