Apr 21, 2020, 01:55 PM IST

Mumbai. During the ongoing lockdown in the country, Veteran actor Dharmendra is currently in his farmhouse near Mumbai and from there, sharing videos of his routine life on social media. On Tuesday, he shared a new video on his Insta account, through which he showed fans his vanity van. Sharing this, he wrote, ‘Friends all of you love, stay safe’.

In the video, Dharmendra is seen sitting on a tractor in his farm. They say, ‘How are friends? Such a small field, I take hold of it anyway. I also get some exercise in this. Now I want to show you my vanity van. I used to take it with me while shooting. Nowadays it has been made House on Wheels. Show it again. Be happy, take care of yourself, avoid this corona, love you. ‘

How is vanity van?

Dharmendra showed his vanity van in the video from far and away only. The van in white and gray color also has a picture of Dharmendra on the exterior. Only one side of the van appeared in the video. Three windows were seen in that part, as well as the exterior of two split ACs placed in it. This van is built on the chassis of a large truck.

Showed the banana and chiku of your farm

Two days before this, Dharmendra shared a 29-second video showing banana hands growing on his farm house. In the video, he had said, ‘How are you friends, I am happy, there are so many good bananas on my farm. Chiku, bananas, coconut… doing everything. Best wishes to all of you and blessings from the uplings. Love you all, I’m so happy today and very excited. Bananas are available in the market, but the bananas that are on their farm, they have their own fun.

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