May 17, 2020, 11:32 AM IST

Mumbai. Actor Dharmendra has been spending all his time in the farmhouse since the lockdown, due to which he has been seen growing vegetables and sometimes running a tractor. Recently, Dharmendra has shared a new video in which he is showing his creativity on Bamboo Tree to the fans.
Dharmendra has shared a video from his Twitter account in which he is showing the beautiful bamboo tree that this tree used to be very high but it fell due to the storm. He has decorated it beautifully with a root that came flying in the storm. Sharing this video, Dharmendra writes, ‘Habit ho chalen hai you mary, I tweet anything. The old bamboo had fallen in the storm. Somehow it is handled. His blessings. Live live love you all ‘.

Dharmendra is active on social media

Dharmendra has been interacting with fans through social media continuously since the lockdown. Dharmendra is resorting to video to share every little thing. A few days ago he told that his cow has given a calf. Apart from this, he has also been seen doing farming, weighing vegetables and running a tractor.

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