May 01, 2020, 06:00 PM IST

Mumbai. Longtime Remantic and Evergreen actress Rishi Kapoor is no more. He was 67 years old. Bebac and the sage Sage had been battling leukemia (blood cancer) for the past two years. He was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday after suffering from shortness of breath. Irfan Khan also left the world on Wednesday due to cancer.

Rishi’s daughter Riddhima was in Delhi, who could not attend the funeral if chartered plane was not allowed in lockdown. She left for Mumbai by a 1,400 km road. The body of the sage was taken directly from the hospital to the crematorium. The last rites were performed at the electrical crematorium at around 4 pm in the presence of 20 close people. Rishi was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. He was treated for a year in the same hospital in New York, where his sister Ritu was treated. Doctor OP Kapoor, who has been treating 4 generations of Kapoor family, shared many things about the Kapoor family in a conversation with Bhaskar.

Parry Pauna used to be a sage: OP Kapoor

‘I have seen the deaths of three generations in the Kapoor family. Why am I still alive to see this at the age of 92? 5 years ago, when the sage brought liver reports, he was very scared. They started saying – Uncle! The doctor is saying that the liver is out. I took them to Thane. There was advanced technology of liver testing. Tests took place, but there was no such thing. The sage was happy and hugged me hard. I said- drink sage less, eat less, reduce fat. But, drinking and Punjabi food has been the weakness of the Kapoor family. The sages were limited. However, Raj Kapoor and Shammi were also similar. He needs potato paranthas, cabbage paranthas, butter chicken, tandoori chicken, wine. Even when the sage used to go to the regular gym….

The sage will always be remembered for good behavior. At this time in the Kapoor family, only Rishi was the most well-behaved. Whenever they met, they bent down and spoke footstep (step touch). Many years ago, he had to show some of his reports, so I called him Royal Wellington Sports Club. I was in the meeting, the sage came in with a bang and touched his feet and said loudly – Peri Pauna Uncle…. Everyone was surprised there. People of today just bow down a little. The sage used to sow only. The sage used to speak to Raj Kapoor. I never heard my father say.

I have also treated Prithviraj Kapoor. When told to Prithviraj that there is cancer, there was no wrinkle on his face. I started asking – will I die? I said not now. Then started saying – No producer should die because of me. Then he was doing 17 films. Complete all the films one by one. Ritu left the world after her due to cancer. Now the sage also swallowed the same disease.

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