Jun 11, 2020, 01:25 PM IST

Hina Khan has been associated with fans on social media since the lockdown. Recently, the actress started the ‘Ask Hina’ session on Twitter, due to which the fans have raised many interesting questions. During this time, a user also questioned the controversial scene shown in Ekta Kapoor’s web series, on which Hina strongly supported Ekta.

Hina started the Ask Hina session on Wednesday. In a short time, the hashtag ‘Ask Hina’ started trending at number one. Meanwhile, a user asked him, ‘Hina ma’am, I respect your point of view but he (Ekta Kapoor) has insulted the Indian Army in his web series which will not be accepted for any army man’. .

As soon as the tweet surfaced, Hina wrote in support of her friend Ekta, ‘It cannot be accepted by any of us but inadvertently the mistake has been rectified. What not rectified? Can you justify the fact that he and his family are getting threatened with death? Should a woman and her family be tortured for a mistake made in a fiction show. You are a woman too, you tell me ‘.

Ekta Kapoor has apologized

Ekta Kapoor’s web series ‘Uncensored XXX’ featured an objectionable scene involving the Indian Army, after which she has been receiving threats of rape and death. All the objectionable scenes have been removed from the show as the controversy escalated. Ekta has also apologized to the Indian Army, calling it an unintentional mistake. Police complaints have also been made against him on this matter in several states. Despite being introduced, people are criticizing him on social media.

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