Jun 14, 2020, 01:15 PM IST

Singer Ella Arun is worried about the future of live shows. He believes that due to Kovid 19 social distancing has become an integral part of life, so the live entertainment business will be greatly affected. Seeing this problem, Eela appealed to corporate companies to help the artists.

Ella says – I have acted in theater for years. Thousands of shows have been done as folk singers. It is true that live performing art has faced many dangers with changing times, but then we survived. I still have many other mediums, but there are many folk artists whose livelihood is run only through live shows.

Social Gatherings will not be easy in the coming times. In such a situation, corporate companies should come forward to help these artists. Because we cannot put everything on governments. These are strange situations, so people will be afraid to gather as a crowd because they know that the virus can kill them. Because of this, the artist doing live shows needs more support.

Time will definitely change

He further said- The truth is that we artists give our lives to art. We cannot change our profession overnight. Artists will not go out asking for money. But I think after a limit people will come out of virtual music concerts and we will sing songs on stage again. Till then we need serpent. No artist should lose heart, we inspire people to live life, so we do not have to end life.

Made a song on social distancing recently

Ella Arun along with her daughter Ishita and son-in-law Dhruv Dhanekar shot a song in the basement of the building during the lockdown. Listen Lo Na .. This song composed with Lyrics is based on social distancing. The song was released on 10 April. Eela was also seen in the recently released Nawazuddin Siddiqui film Ghumketu.

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