Apr 29, 2020, 03:29 PM IST

Mumbai. Jacqueline Fernandes has been with Salman Khan at her farmhouse since the lockdown. Both reached the farmhouse for a few days but are now stuck there. In such a situation, both are constantly sharing their funny pictures and videos. Recently, Salman Khan has shared a picture while doing gym, in which actress Jacqueline is seen trying to take his picture secretly. While sharing the photo with the fans, Salman has written a fun caption.

On Wednesday, shared a photo while doing a workout from her Instagram. Actress Jacqueline Fernandes is seen taking a sneak peek behind Salman, soaked in sweat. While capturing Jacqueline’s theft, Salman wrote in the caption, “Jackie Chori is caught taking a stealth photo. She has taken another picture after this which she will share herself ‘. New Workout Partners Salman – This picture of Jacqueline is getting many likes.

Jacqueline Panwell has been staying at the farm house since the lockdown. Jacqueline reached the farm house on March 25, a day before the release of the marigold flower song, from which a video of the two became quite viral. In the video, both are seen doing FaceTime from the emperor. Apart from this, Jacqueline had also hinted at fans with pictures of horse riding with Salman’s horses.

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