Jun 11, 2020, 12:48 PM IST

Since the lockdown, actress Kamya Punjabi of the serial ‘Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’ was in Delhi with her husband and children. Now that the permission to start shooting with Guideline has been received, all the celebs are coming back to Mumbai. Kamya’s husband is in Delhi’s health care department, so the two could not come together. But despite being away, both of them have decided to workout together through video calling.

Kamya shared the pictures of the first day with her Instagram account while doing a workout with husband Shalabh. With this, he wrote, ‘Love makes you do everything you never thought you would do. The first day. Workouts are done well with video calling ‘.

Mumbai arrived with daughter wearing PPE kit

Kamya has also left for Mumbai with her daughter Ara after getting the shooting permission from the Maharashtra government. Kamya used a PPE kit while traveling on the flight. The actress shared the photo wearing a kit with her Instagram account and wrote, Kama is calling.

For the first time, the actress was sitting at home for so many days

During an interview to eBioPic, Kamya said, “I had absolutely no habit of staying at home.” I have been working for almost 20 years and I do not remember when I have been sitting at home for so many days. A few days ago I came to my in-laws Delhi. Socha will spend a week with her husband and in-law and then return to Mumbai. Now two months are over, that’s what I am. These are also good because I got time to spend time with my family members.

Could not spend time with husband

Kamya’s husband Shalabh is in the health care department, due to which her work has doubled. They work all day. The actress could not spend much time with him even under one roof. A room in his Delhi house has now become an office. Shalabh walks out of that room just to eat. Kamya could not spend much time with him even in the lockdown, which she has little grief as well as pride in her husband. Shalabh is the Global Sales Head of Fortis Health Care, he currently holds several major responsibilities.

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