May 28, 2020, 02:56 PM IST

Mumbai. Khushi Kapoor has returned to Mumbai from New York even before the lockdown, after which pictures of Khushi and Janhvi’s fun are constantly coming out. Khushi has also hit an entry in the Tittock app a few days ago, in which she has a strong fan following. During an interview recently, Janhvi told that Khushi does make-up for the Tiktok video even at midnight.

Janhvi Kapoor told in an interview to Filmfare, Khushi has started Tiktok. She only keeps doing that. She suddenly wakes up at 3 in the night and makes a Tiktok video. I think we are going to lose it soon but are still hanging with a thread. A few days ago, funny videos of Janhvi and Khushi were going viral on social media, in which both took the sister challenge.

Janhvi is very close to Khushi Kapoor. During the interview, Janhvi said that she herself is quite amateur and childish while Khushi is sensitive, protective and understanding like an elder sister. Janhvi also shares videos with her Instagram account, constantly having fun and harassing her.

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