Apr 30, 2020, 11:21 AM IST

Mumbai. Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor is no more. He breathed his last at HN.Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai at around 5:20 am on Thursday morning. He was away from social media for 28 days. On April 2, he made his last tweet, which wrote, “Appeal to all brothers and sisters not to resort to violence, stone throwing or murder. Doctors, nurses, medics, policemen etc. will save you for your life. “We have to win this coronavirus war together. Please. Jai Hind!”

Significantly, Rishi had been battling cancer for about one and a half years. Let’s take a look at their journey this year: –

September 29, when told for the first time – I am going to get treatment
On 29 September 2018, he went to New York for treatment. He did not disclose his illness then. But there was definitely an appeal from people not to speculate. Rishi wrote in his tweet, “Hello everyone, I am going to America for treatment of something. I request my loved ones not to make any kind of reckless speculation. While working in films It has been more than 45 years. Thanks to all your love and prayers, I will come back soon. “Two days later, on October 1, his mother Krishna Raj Kapoor passed away. But neither Rishi nor Only his wife Neetu and son Ranbir Kapoor were able to attend his funeral.

January 2019: When the first signs that sage has cancer
In the first week of October, there were speculations that Rishi had cancer. But his brother Randhir had denied the news and said that nothing can be said until the investigation reports are forthcoming. In January 2019, when the world was celebrating the new year, in one of his posts, Rishi’s wife Neetu indicated that he is battling cancer. He wrote in his post, “Happy 2019, this year there will be no resolution but only prayers. I hope to have the least traffic pollution in the world. I hope that in future cancer is not a disease, but a zodiac sign.”

January 2019: When the sage spoke openly on the treatment
In the last week of January 2019, Rishi Kapoor spoke openly on his illness for the first time in a conversation with Bollywood Hungama. He had said, “I am undergoing treatment. Hopefully I will get well soon and will return if God wants to. This healing process is long and tedious. It requires a lot of patience in this situation, but I have this quality No. I don’t have a movie right now nor am I thinking about it. I just want to keep myself empty and fresh. This break will be helpful in my healing. “

April 2019: When friend Rahul Rawal told him cancer free
In April 2019, Rishi’s special friend Rahul Rawail confirmed that he had gone to New York for cancer treatment. He wrote in his tweet, “Rishi Kapoor (Chintu) got freedom from cancer.” After this post of Rawail, many people were surprised that Rishi had been battling this serious disease for so long.

After 10 months, the sage had said – Cancer treatment is going on
In August 2019, Rishi shared his treatment journey in a conversation with a newspaper. He had said, “I see my illness as a long holiday of 10 months. But I miss homemade soft rotis and pomfret fish a lot because I didn’t get to taste them here. Cancer and its treatment made me Has changed a lot. I have learned to keep myself calm in the meantime. Earlier I used to get angry with my family and fans. But now I have learned to control. I am family and Thanks to the fans, they gave me so much love and sent wishes. My wife Neetu stood with me like a rock. My family gave me the strength to fight. “

September 2019: When Rishi returned to India after 11 months 11 days
On 10 September 2019, Rishi Kapoor returned to India with wife Neetu. Rishi had given information about his return to his country on Twitter. He wrote, “Homecoming. 11 months 11 days. Thank you all.” Some of his photos during this time also went viral on social media, where he was greeting photographers with a smile at the Mumbai airport.

January 2020: Was hospitalized in Delhi
In the last week of January 2020, Rishi was suddenly admitted to a hospital in New Delhi. Even then the news came that he was having trouble breathing. Actually, he was shooting his film ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ there. He was admitted to the hospital on January 31 after a deteriorating health.

After reaching Mumbai after being discharged, Rishi wrote in one of his tweets, “Dear family members, friends, opponents and followers, I am overwhelmed by the concern you have about my health. Thank you very much. I have been in Delhi for the last 18 days. I am shooting and I had an infection due to pollution and a decrease in neutrophils, due to which I had to admit in the hospital. I had a mild fever and during the examination, the doctors found a patch that could have caused pneumonia, it is being cured at the moment. It seems that people have understood this completely differently. All those stories have come to an end and I look forward to giving you entertainment and love even further. Now I am in Mumbai. ”

After this, he was also admitted to a hospital in Mumbai due to viral fever. But he was soon discharged from there. He was last admitted to HN.Reliance Foundation Hospital on April 29 due to shortness of breath and could not return.

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