Apr 20, 2020, 06:25 PM IST

Mumbai. Shahrukh Khan hosted the #AskSRK session on Twitter on Monday, which trended on Twitter India number one. During this time SRK answered the questions of his fans. Some of them were fun and some were sharp. For example, when a user asked Shahrukh, ‘Sir, how much did you give in PM’s Fund?’ So he gave a befitting reply, “Really … what is the cashier?”

Amazing single for Salman

A fan questioned Shahrukh, “Salman Khan has just launched his new song in his voice, which is about Corona and his love for the country? Did you see that?” So in response, Shah Rukh wrote, “Bhai Kamal is single and a singer.”

When Fan asks Gauri to say hi

A fan told Shahrukh about his dream. He wrote, “Yesterday I had a dream about meeting Gauri and we talked about you. I told him that I have met you twice (just right according to the dream) and was very happy. I told him that I I want to see you again and I love you. Actually, she loved me. So let me say hi. ” In response, Shah Rukh wrote, “Tonight when she comes in my dream, I will say hi.”

When will the new film announce?
A fan asked, “When will you announce your new film?. Tired of rumors and seeing your look in the video, analyze your next film and guess that you are doing this film?” Responding to this, SRK wrote, “Do not exhaust yourself. Obviously I will do some films. Obviously they will be made and you will definitely know.”

What did the lockdown learn?
A fan asked, “What did you learn from these days (lockdown)?” The answer was, “That’s what we all need to slow down a bit. Feel the life and the background instead of demanding 24 hours of momentary fulfillment.”

Shared bapu’s lesson
When a fan asked Shahrukh, “Sir, you are called so many good and bad people. How do you tolerate them with such a coolmind?” In response, Shah Rukh wrote, “Bapu taught … Do not look bad, do not listen, nor say it. I have followed the same till today.”

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