Apr 01, 2020, 03:21 PM IST

Bollywood desk. Due to Kovid 19 many people around the world have lost their lives. In such a situation, all Bollywood celebs are requesting their fans to stay safe at home. Shakti Kapoor, while narrating the story of a 93-year-old man recently, has appealed to the fans to understand the value of their lives. Shakti had become very emotional while narrating this story.

Shakti Kapoor narrates the story of 93-year-old Italian

Shakti Kapoor recently shared a video from her Instagram account. In this, he told the story of an elderly Italian, “93-year-old elderly person inside Italy, when he was getting out of the hospital, the doctor stopped him and said that you have to pay a day’s ventilator bill of Rs. 5000. The elderly man got water in his eyes. The doctor told him why you do not have money? So the elder said, I have a lot of money but today I realized how big a bill I have to pay for God, who gave me free breath all my life. Today I have to pay for the ventilator to breathe. This thing sat deep in my heart ‘.

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Appealing emotionally

Shakti Kapoor became very emotional while narrating the story of the elder. Next he said, ‘We have never thought of all this. Only when they go to the hospital do they think. So take care of yourself. Stay at home. And understand the value of your life ‘.

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