May 18, 2020, 07:42 PM IST

Actress Shilpa Shetty on Monday shared a video of her son Vian on social media, in which he is seen practicing gymnastics. In the post written with it, Shilpa told that seeing us health conscious, Vian is still active about her fitness and practices gymnastics continuously. According to Shilpa, practice makes us complete.

Sharing the video, Shilpa wrote, ‘Children always follow the same things that they see their parents doing. Seeing us exercising and doing yoga, Vian soon started taking interest in his health and fitness. Children have a lot of energy and it is very important to show that huge energy well.

Practice makes us perfect

Shilpa further said that ‘He loves gymnastics very much, so I am also sending him to learn. But if you do not practice gymnastics for several days, then your body may get rust. So we are constantly training him… so that his body remains active and strong. So if your children also want to do something, then they must practice. Because practice makes them perfect, they also make them hungry and they also get good sleep. Hahaha … stay home, stay safe. ‘

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