May 10, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Mumbai (Umesh Kumar Upadhyay). Ruslan, son of Mumtaz, a bygone era actress, has made many preparations to make Mother’s Day special this year. In an interview to Bhaskar recently, he shared his plans while narrating memorable stories related to his mother.

Mom used to cook the entire meal before going to shoot

To be honest, I did not know that Mom had done so much for me before becoming an actor. She used to make lunch and dinner for me before going on a shoot. I would show so much tantrums that I would not eat the same thing at lunch and dinner. Then Mom got up at 5 in the morning to make different things for me, then went to her shoot. Mummy used to do this even when we were working at our house.

Never felt like a star

Now when I mention to my mother what you have done for me, they do not react much at all. She says that you too will do this when you become a father. The way my mother lives at home and as is her lifestyle, I have not relented for a long time that my mother is a famous actor and is known to many.

School children run after them

I was in boarding school, due to which I neither watched much movies nor did I ever attend events. I had never seen his fame by going public. Yes, once the mother came to attend a function as a guest in my school, the school children were running after her. I was upset rather than happy about my mother’s fame. Actually, due to the crowd at that time, I could not even reach the mother, those children were removing me from there.

Drink wine on Mother’s Day

Used to make lunch specials on Mother’s Day. Sometimes he used to cook something or get some mummy’s dish from outside. Then at lunch, I used to sit down with a drink that let’s cheers. Mother never used to get company to drink, so on Mother’s Day we both drink and drink wine together. Italian food is served from outside along with wine.

This time there will be double celebration

This time Mother’s Day will be special because my baby is 1 month ago. This time Mother’s Day is even more special. She has become a grand mother and has two mothers in the house. So this Mother’s Day is going to be even more special but due to lockdown many things are not being found. We are trying to get cake and Italian food from somewhere or else we will make some at home. I will also make pasta for them.

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