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Jun 26, 2020, 12:59 PM IST

Actress Soundarya Sharma is stuck in the US after the lockdown caused by Kovid 19. She went to Los Angeles to take a course in an acting school but could not come to India after the lockdown. Living abroad in such a difficult time is proving very challenging for Soundarya. He shared this entire experience with a news agency.

Food and drink problem: Soundarya said, “To be honest, this time brought with me life-changing experiences. I never thought that I would be locked in a place like Los Angeles. I came here to take an acting course at Lee Straussberg and the New York Film Academy and then shoot at Universal Studios, but then an epidemic happened and things changed.

Soundarya further said, ‘I used to get up at 6 am at the time of lockdown and would spend hours in line to buy food items. I did not receive groceries for a month and a half. During this period, I lived by whatever little things I had. The situation was very bad. I could not make a mask and sanitizer, so I made a mask for myself at home. ‘

Soundarya is single for 5 months: My flight has been canceled 5 times. I tried hard to come to India but it could not be possible, so now I have stopped thinking about it. I have been here for 5 months and I have seen a lot. Being stuck alone abroad emotionally proves to be very challenging. I’m cutting my day. I live in touch through a video call from the family, but emotionally it is very challenging for me. Soundarya has recently made her digital debut with webseries Raktanchal. She has appeared in films like ‘Ranchi Diaries (2017)’ and ‘Meerutia Gangsters (2015)’.

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