Apr 01, 2020, 06:23 AM IST

Bhopal Bollywood desk. In the first meeting of Sunny Leone, her husband Daniel Weber considered her a lesbian. He made this disclosure in an interview. Sunny and Danielle have been with each other for 12 years. More than 9 years have passed since their marriage. In the interview, when asked how the two first met, they shared an interesting anecdote about it.

Sunny was going on a date with someone else
Sunny told, “We had my first meeting in Las Vegas and I was with my very close friend at the time. Actually, I was going to date Paulie Shore (then comedian), but she cheated on me. . ” Next Daniel said, “Paulie finds someone else on the way and he goes to meet his friend in Ravana. And God has given me to him (Sunny). That’s destiny.”

‘Daniel felt I’m lesbian’
Sunny says, “Danielle didn’t feel like I’m not a strat. She considered me lesbian. I was with my girlfriend, which is lesbian. But she was wearing some masculine clothes. This led to Daniel being misunderstood.” “I was confused,” Daniels explains, as they both put their hands together and I misjudged the situation.

Married after 3 years of dating
Sunny had told in an interview, “Daniel was with me in every happiness and sorrow. I lost my mother when we met. I was in depression and was so frustrated with life that no boy was in my condition.” I would have probably left me, but Daniel stayed. We got married after three years of dating. Then my father died, he still took care of me. ”

Daniel gets importance of family due to Sunny
According to Daniel, Sunny was able to recognize the importance of family and came close to them. Sunny’s husband Daniel Weber has also been the star of adult films. Both were married in 2011. In 2017, Sunny and Daniel had adopted daughter Nisha from Latur, Maharashtra. In 2018, Couple became the parent of twin sons Asher and Noah from Serogesi.

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