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Apr 18, 2020, 01:44 PM IST

Mumbai. Veteran actor Dharmendra is spending the lockdown at his farmhouse near Mumbai. Dharmendra, 84, is very active on social media and is also sharing updates related to his lockdown life with fans. Recently he has shared an 18-second video in which he is seen plowing his field sitting on a tractor. Dharmendra says in the video, friends say you, such a small farm, I take some kind of plowing, there is some exercise in it.

Written in the caption, Corona has to be defeated: In the caption accompanying this video, Dharmendra gave the message of defeating Coronavirus, wrote, ‘I want to encourage you all in the war against Corona – Coronavirus Jano Jambaz hain hum, Aafat e corona tere katil, Humayat hai humdar hain’ .

Corona is the fruit of our evil deeds: Dharmendra
Earlier, Dharmendra has appealed to the fans to maintain social distancing and stay at home. Dharmendra had said, “Today, man is getting punished for his crimes, friends. This corona is the fruit of our evil deeds. If we had loved humanity, loved humanity, this time would never have come. Take lessons even today With this, live together, love humanity. Keep humanity alive. ” Next, Dharmendra folded his arm and said emotionally, “Today I am saying this very sadly. Unite for him (for God), for himself, for his children, for the world, for humanity.”

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