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Apr 18, 2020, 01:13 PM IST

Mumbai. Former actress Jaira Wasim has urged people not to praise her. According to Zaira, this is not right for him and is also dangerous for his faith. He has shared a post related to it on social media. In this, he has insisted that he is not so religious that people can be influenced by him.

On Saturday, Zaira wrote, greeting his fans, “I humbly admit that everybody loves me. At the same time, I cannot stress enough how the praise I am receiving is not satisfactory to me and how it is a huge test for me and how. This is dangerous for my faith. I am not religious enough to impress people? Instead I urge everyone not to praise me in any way. Rather it May Allah ignore my shortcomings, which are countless. Fill my heart with the light of his mercy, taqwa and my growing faith. Improve my intention and give me the knowledge that is beneficial. A tongue and Give heart, which will always remember him and often go to him for repentance. Allow me to do religious work only for him. Give me the opportunity to live and die as a Muslim by remaining steadfast. (Puri Longer make dedicated her). “

Statement came after Babita Phogat’s statement

It is believed that this statement of Zaira came after this statement by Wrestler Babita Phogat, in which he said that people should not forget to consider him as Zaira Wasim. In fact, Babita, in one of his tweets, blamed Tablighi Jamaat for spreading the corona, after which he was being trolled. On this, she released a video on Friday, in which she is saying that people are abusing her and threatening her. Babita also said that she is not Zaira Wasim, who will be scared of such threats. Babita had also spoken of maintaining her statement in the video.

Zaira has worked in ‘Dangal’, ‘Secret Superstar’ and ‘The Sky is Pink’ as an actress and in June 2019, she retired from acting. Zaira shared a post on other social media platforms, including Facebook, which wrote, “I did not feel happy working in this area, as it was interfering with my religious beliefs.” Zaira has won the National Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Dangal. His last film was ‘The Sky Is Pink’, released on October 11, three months after his decision to quit acting.

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