• The first rally was held on Baharampur road, followed by rallies in Batala and Fatehgarh bangles and Vinod won by a large vote margin.
  • Senior BJP leader Vijay Verma, the then BJP in-charge of the office, said that the tour of Gurdaspur was completely hidden.


Apr 30, 2020, 07:38 PM IST

Gurdaspur / Pathankot. While there is a wave of mourning across the country due to the demise of Bollywood star Rishi Kapoor, the people of Gurdaspur are also getting emotional after remembering him. In 1998, the late Vinod Khanna contested the parliamentary election from Gurdaspur, during which Rishi Kapoor reached Gurdaspur to campaign in his favor. At that time, the people of the city had spread eyelashes. Today the people of the city have once again flowed into their memories. Even more forgettable is the model town of Pathankot, when Vinod became the candidate for the second time in 1999. A day before, where Vinod Khanna was attacked by stones, the next day Rishi rallied there.

Senior BJP leader Vijay Verma, then BJP’s office in-charge, says that his arrival at Gurdaspur was completely hidden. He received them directly from the bypass and brought them to his home. Meanwhile, people in the neighborhood got a clue that Kapoor had come to their house. On discovering this, a crowd of his fans gathered outside the house.

Greeting people from the roof accepted
He says that the people had become so uncontrollable that they had broken the glass pots and windows in his house to get a glimpse of Kapoor. On discovering this, Kapoor went to the roof of his house and accepted the people with great affection from there. He kept standing on the terrace for half an hour and met people. His nature was so sweet that it did not seem that he is such a big Bollywood star.

Wishing the departed soul peace
Rishi Kapoor held the first rally in support of late Vinod Khanna on Baharampur Road. The people there gave him immense love. After this he rallied in Batala and Fatehgarh bangles in favor of Khanna. It is known that Khanna was the winner in these elections with a huge vote. Varma said that he was stunned once by Kapoor’s death. He has wished for the peace of the departed soul. Apart from this, Neelam Mahant, former chairperson of the District Planning Board, former District BJP President Balkishan Mittal, BJP Rakesh Jyoti, District BJP President Parminder Gill etc. have expressed deep condolences on his death.

It was said in the speech – we have come, no matter how much we take, we are not afraid
Pawan Sharma, who has been closely associated with the late Vinod Khanna, says that in 1999 Vinod Khanna was contesting for the second time from Gurdaspur and had a tough fight with Congress leader Sukhvansh Kaur Bhinder. Vinod Khanna, who arrived at Model Town in the city during publicity meetings, was stoned by the Congressmen and had to leave. Later, a case of stone pelting was also registered against Vinod Khanna, including Congress leader Jung Bahadur Bedi. The very next day, Rishi Kapoor reached Pathankot to promote Khanna and he showed courage in the evening at the same place in Model Town. While giving a speech, announced in film style that we have come and do not be afraid of anyone, no matter how much it takes. Later meetings were also held near Patel Chowk, Bhadroa and Ramlila Ground. Dr. Sanjay Sharma says that Rishi Kapoor also went to Khanna’s election office at Sial House where Sanjay also took a photo with him and kept it after 20 years. Master Mohanlal, who was a jungle minister in the government from the BJP at that time, also remembers Rishi Kapoor’s visit to the election, saying that he was as much a jubilant artist and used to laugh and joke. Artists Shammi Chaudhary, Manu Sharma, poet Ravi Kumar say that Rishi Kapoor will continue to be remembered for his lively performances.

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