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  • Chris Walton’s Nails Are 10 Feet 2 Inches In Length, Recorded In Guinness Book Of World Records As The Longest Woman In The World

29 minutes ago

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  • If Chris’s fingernails are combined, he will have a length of 20 feet.
  • Chris Walton is a professional singer. People were surprised to see their nails

Girls like to grow nails. Many girls often have very large nails, so that they look stylish. But seeing such big nails, you will be surprised how to take care of them.

Chris Walton of America, a professional singer, has a nail length of 10 feet 2 inches. When she walked with both her hands forward, anyone was scared to see them.

In 2012, Chris was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the woman with the longest nail in the world. Walton’s nails dyed in gleaming golden hues grew into curved shapes.

If Chris’ two fingernails are folded, he will be 20 feet in length. She was famous in the world because of these nails. Despite having such large nails, she could do her work easily. However, Chris got his nails cut shortly after his name was listed in the Guinness Book.

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