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  • Corona Has Impacted The Lives Of The Children Along With The Elders, So This Is The Time To Emphasize The Mind Of The Children, Their Relationships With Themselves And Their Belief In Values.

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15 hours ago

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While remedies have been suggested to protect against Kovid-19, doctors are also giving instructions on mental health of people forced to remain confined at home so that they stay away from negativity and stress. The most important thing in this is to take care of the mind of the children, keeping them positive and stress free. Can not go to school in times of epidemic. Can not go out to play. There is a distance from friends, only talking on the phone. If you are going to work outside the big house, then there are new rules of cleanliness. Problems about money are being talked about everyday. In these circumstances, it is natural for children to have an impact on their minds. Older children are all upset. Everyone’s mental health is being affected.

Set time to spend time with children
– Every day we play together like half an hour, one hour. During this time, the parents will not do anything else, just play with the children – decide so and follow it strictly. This virus will be free time, that is, mobile, laptop and TV will be closed during this time.
During the game, children can be taught values ​​such as honesty, taking defeat and victory in general, giving everyone a chance and understanding the value of time.

You decide what we will do
– Let the children decide which of the household chores will be done together during the day, so that they will learn to do household chores and will also be able to spend time with you.
Allowing children to choose will help them to plan, list tasks and set priorities.

Make routine
In the uncertain times of the epidemic, the elders also feel uneasy and uneasy, and they are not untouched by the child. If situations cannot be controlled, then there is more trouble, then it helps to pay attention to the things that you can do easily and comfortably.
specialist That is why we recommend the day or week routine. By deciding what to do tomorrow, or what work to do throughout the day today, you are busy with your work and your children.
If you stay, you will get satisfaction to complete the work instead of ackulhat

Make epidemic safety rules fun
– Create a song for 20 seconds of scrub time, which is sung with the children or do it to a tune.
– Reward a child who believes in such things as not to touch his face repeatedly, not to go out, not to play games on mobile, not to watch unnecessary TV. They will learn good habits.

Take care of teenagers
Teen age children like to keep their friends, their thinking, their world apart because they feel that elders cannot understand them. This is the time that both of you have got to live together, try to understand each other in it. Try to listen to the child’s opinion on every issue. Do not cut it. Make him aware of the facts.

Exercising with teen-age children is also a good option. Ask them to decide how to exercise. This will be good not only for their health but also for your health.

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