Apr 30, 2020, 03:59 PM IST

During the coronavirus spread across the country, all the corona warriors are fighting it on their own level. One such frontline health care worker is a young nurse from Thrissur in Kerala, who is bravely performing her duties even in difficult times. Nurse PR Shiji is currently serving as a self-help staff nurse in the Kovid-19 Incentive Care Unit at Government Medical College, Thrissur without any salary.

Doing work as an intern

Shiji, who lost his father in childhood, was raised by his mother. She is currently working as an intern, for which she does not receive any salary from the hospital nor any other allowance. 22-year-old Shiji, who completed BSC nursing from a private college, said that he worked in a private hospital for 4 months. Subsequently, he joined Thrissur Medical College in June last year, but Shiji has not yet been paid for his work by the government hospital.

Getting to learn a lot

Working for a government hospital was an option for him, which Shiji considered as his duty. There are many volunteers who are not going to the Kovid-19 ward, but in spite of this, Shiji continues his work. In fact, soon after the outbreak, when considering the increasing number of patients in the hospital, understanding his responsibility, Shiji has handled this task well. He believes that during this time he has learned a lot about medical emergency.

Father died in 12 years

She states that most of the patients she treated were unconscious. Once his condition improves, he is shifted to isolation ward. Shiji is the only daughter of her father Rajan, who died at the age of 12. After the father, his mother has done Shiji and fulfilled his needs by doing daily wages.

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