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16 hours ago

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  • Some things are remembered as long as we are in front of our eyes. One of them is our goal.
  • Create a vision board to accomplish these goals. How to make it, read here…

You must also have set some dreams and goals for a better life. Some of those goals will be related to happiness, some to material successes. Do not forget your goals in the busy life, create a vision board for this. A board that will be a clear picture of your goals. The vision board is a type of collage made with photographs and colors. Then it is to be hung on a wall which is right in front of the eyes.

This wall can be attached to the work desk or even in front of the bed so that one can keep an eye on it while sleeping. Whenever you look towards this board, you will remember your goals and you will also have the passion to fulfill them.

Easy to make

Start it with the question. Ask yourself some questions, what are the goals that you want to fulfill. What do you want in life? What do you want to achieve in the coming months or years? These goals can be a good job, a dream to buy a house, a place where you want to roam etc. Then write them on a paper. Set the time or month for how long to complete them. How will the picture of dreams be made in your mind. Collect old newspapers and magazines. Cut pictures similar to the picture in your head.

If the printed photos are not found, take the picture on paper and then cut it with scissors. Photographs can also contain photos, words, quotes, any place or object that is similar to the picture in the brain. Stick these pictures and words on a board, cardboard or any paper. If you wish, you can write your own words related to each picture (target) or the story of the affected by the marker below. Also write down how long the goal is to be completed. The board has to be decorated in a constructive manner.

Create digital board

Can also create a digital board of targets. Download photos and quotes related to goals from the internet. Create a collage of these pictures through a mobile app or website. This too has to be made exactly like a paper board. Its design can be kept in mind. Make the board a screensaver of your computer, laptop or mobile so that it is always in front of the eyes. It is also a benefit to create digital boards that the pictures you thought of will be easily found on the Internet. This will also save time.

Can make lists

Goals can be more than one. Some will be related to family, some to career, and some will be related to hobby. Apart from these, there can be goals. To work in a better way, create separate boards for each goal. Not very big but small boards can be made and hung on the wall.

A board for loved ones

Some responsibilities and goals must also be fixed for the family. Giving them time every day, going on holidays with them, there will be many goals related to children’s education or career. Make a board for these as well. The board will help in fulfilling the goals related to the better future of the family and their happiness.

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