Stock-trading app Robinhood has revealed that a hacker stole a lot, including the e-mail addresses of millions of its users. The company has also issued a warning to the users.

The company has a blog post I said that the accused called customer support and, pretending to be an authorized party, accessed the customer support computer system of a Robinhood employee. According to the company, after stealing information from Robinhood, the hacker also tried to extract payment from the company, after which the users were alerted about it while informing the police.

The breach with Robinhood happened on November 3. The hackers got around 5 million e-mail addresses associated with Robinhood users. Apart from this, information about the investment service was collected including the names of 20 lakh other members. The company believes that the hackers have obtained the names, dates of birth and zip codes of 310 users as well as additional account details about some of those people.

Robinhood has said in the blog post that it has controlled the attack. The social security numbers, bank account numbers or debit card numbers of the users have not been exposed. And there is no financial loss to any customer in this case. It is believed that with the help of this information, hackers can send phishing e-mails to Robinhood members, so that they can be cheated.

Robinhood is credited with bringing forth a generation of new individual investors in the stock market. But at the same time it is also believed that this platform offers such features, which make people accustomed to this field.


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