Cubot is going to launch mini smartphone series. In the new series, the company will launch pocket-sized smartphones. That’s why it is named Pocket Series. The first pocket smartphone of the series will be launched in the second fortnight of May. That is, in a week or two, the company will launch the first smartphone of its Pocket series. The purpose of launching the Cubot Pocket series smartphone is to give the users an in-hand experience of the smartphone. The company wanted to design a smartphone that is light in weight, but also fits easily in the palm of the hand.

As its name suggests, every smartphone in the Pocket series will be given a pocket size and will have a 4-inch screen. While companies are increasing the size of smartphone displays on one hand, Cubot has gone the other way with the aim of offering smaller size phones. Through this, the company will bring compact smartphones but there will be no compromise with technology. Users will get the experience of a beautiful, compact, lightweight and equipped with all the necessary features. the company official website But along with the design of the phone, the color variants have also been shown. It has a retro look design which is quite beautiful to look at. Their colors also look very attractive which include black, pink, green and purple.

As easily as you will be able to handle this mini phone in your hand, you will be able to carry it in your pocket as easily. The 6.5-inch display has become common in today’s smartphones. In such a situation, keeping a smartphone in a pocket seems quite heavy, and it is not possible to keep any other thing in that pocket with the phone. Large smartphones often have to be carried in hand. So Cubot smartphones are obviously going to give a whole new experience.

Cubot, however, has not yet given any indication about its specifications and price. But, the company has definitely indicated that with the compact size, the phone will have all the features and specifications that are found in today’s modern smartphones. The company has said that features like NFC will also be given in it. At present, looking at the first look, it is known that the company is preparing to launch a very interesting smartphone which is not only compact and attractive in design, but also beautiful.

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